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My approach to design relies as much on rational design as on creative freedom, allowing me to obtain proven yet original . designs.

Throughout my career, I also did graphic design and programming, which gave me the necessary knowledge and ability to communicate with all trades of the video game industry.

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Unknown 9 : Awakening
Action-adventure, Narrative

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Years of Experience

Games developed

Unreal game project

Unity game project


Passionate, methodical, versatile and able to take constructive criticism, Yoan proved himself to be a very valuable member of the Darwin project’s small dev team. His ideas showed on paper and in engine working prototypes, helped to grow the vision of the game. His ability to comprehend and deconstruct the very core of a genre to give you what’s makes a game fun, combined with his agility to understand and work on many other tasks than game design, makes Yoan a perfect asset for a team. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I’m really looking forward to see what this guy will make in the future. 

Nicolas Royer / Senior UI artist at Epic Games 

Throughout his studies as Isart Digital, I have seen Yoan grow from a curious student to a confident and very professional game designer. Yoan takes his work very seriously and strives to improve his designs through testing and feedback from players. I would recommend Yoan to anyone looking for a game designer you can count on.

Jean- Christophe Pelletier - Creative Directior at Fougarou

Yoan proved played a key role in the conception process that gave birth to The Darwin Project. He was part of the creation team since day 1 where both his design and prototyping skill have played were invaluable in defining the vision and steering the team. His analytic abilities are equally impressive as Yoan is easily able to process complex multi-layered data / problems and output a synthetic report and communicate effectively to the dev team. All in all, I believe Yoan is meant to become a key players in the local industry and I recommend him to anyone making a project that involve game design challenges!

Simon Darveau - Creative Director at Scavengers Studio



Game Design Projects
Demon Slayer

Unknown 9 : Awakening is a third-person, narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows the story of Haroona. Discover some of the most mysterious locations and leverage your mastery of the Fold to choose your own playstyle


  • Set up a player's camera system capable of adapting to 3rd-person motions.

  • Rework the main character's actions & timings to increase her versatility.

  • Design a flexible customizable binding system.

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Steam
Official page

Demon Slayer: THC is an action-adventure game that lets you relive Tanjiro's adventure in the different environments of the anime. A versus mode allows you to fight with all the characters in the series!


  • Create game levels from paper design to placement in the editor.

  • Design and integration of interaction mechanics in adventure.

  • Analyze and balance the power between characters in versus mode.

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Official page


Action RPG

Unreal 4

Relive the story of DRAGON BALL Z, Gain power and fight through vast destructible environments and experience epic battles against cult enemies. Live like them! Fly, fish, eat, train, form powerful friendships with other heroes and dive into the various arcs.


  • Create a tool in Excel to have an overview and balance the obtention of resources and his expenses depending on the progress of the story.

  • Redesign the resource locations in the levels to create narrative logic and thus make the areas more intuitive.​

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Official page



Munchkin: Quacked Quest is a party game where you compete against your friends or form alliances with other players to achieve goals that are more unusual than each other. The goal is to reach the highest level to become victorious.


  • Rework some design part to realign it to the initial vision.

  • Design and integration of Boss battles and teammate simulation AIs.

  • Data balancing (Weapons, player skills, enemy behavior, etc.).

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Official page


Bibots is a top-view roguelite shooter and bullet hell action. Switch between two characters, explore and complete areas overrun by monsters, unlock skills, customize your characters, die, learn from your failures and start again in an attempt to save the world.


  • Define sprint goals and adjust task priorities.

  • Design checks and find mechanics allowing a large content through the procedural system.


In Darwin Project,, the player must survive extreme environmental conditions, set traps, follow and fight his opponents to win. The player experience is altered by the interaction of a game director and the audience (viewer) who can perform actions on the game.


  • Conceptualize  core gameplay by following the initial concept then prototype it in order to validate his effectiveness.

  • Balance the game mechanics in order to obtain a very dynamic game while allowing to play strategically.

PC, PS4, Xbox One
Official page


Set in the fascinating city of New Orleans, this chapter in the critically acclaimed Gangstar series gives you the opportunity to rule the underworld and become a real Gangstar… by any means necessary.


  • Set up the circulation system and the implementation of navmesh in an open world.

  • Conceptualize the actions of civilian AIs in order to make them varied and then script them in the editor.

Google Play, Apple Store
Official page


Side Projects
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