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Shonen Webtoon

Personal Project


Havai'i was a Neketsu / Shonen type one shot slated to be released on the Webtoon site for their amateur author contest.

We decided subsequently not to present it immediately to achieve a level of quality closer to our wishes.


The fiery will of an apprentice to do justice will lead him to an encounter that will brutally question the vision of the world around him. Legend and reality mingle, completely redefining his past and future choices.Is the story told only a minimum close to the one that actually happened?

We are 2 people working on it,

  • Myself, taking care of the script and cutting part.

  • Alexandre Mendy, taking care of the graphic part of the drawing to the coloring.

The 3 chapters are available online on the Webtoon platform :

Havai'i - Webtoon France

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